Advertiser Payment

Average Payment Time: Payment on time DCMnetwork’s standard payment time is 30 days. If your average payment time exceeds 30 days please check your invoice payment processes and ensure we receive payment for each invoice no later than 30 days after the invoice date.

Direct Debit If Advertisers are not able to pay on required time you can always use Direct Debit. Direct Debits will take three working days before payment is due to ensure that Direct Debits do not fail prior to publisher payment. Now it also means you will be classed in one of two colors which is either Green or Amber.


Pre-Payment: Advertiser can pay us for Publisher commission and over-ride due at the beginning of each month.

Bond payment: An advance payment for the pre-paid commission. This will be used by DCMnetwork when you fail to pay on time or to cover our losses that include paying your affiliates.