How to check Order/Sale Reports?

Report Overview

Below listed are the list of reports that can be used to filter information.

DCMnetwork comes with several different preset reports listed in under the Reports drop-down. Each one of these reports will show stats for today by default, with the exception of the Daily Report, which shows stats from the last 7 days.

  • Daily Report: Shows stats for the last 7 days, and breaks down network stats for each day. (In options choose offer URL to compare between landing pages)
  • Hourly Report: Shows today stats for the network, broken into hourly intervals
  • Mobile Stats: Mobile Stats report works exactly as the stats report, the report offers five data points: device OS name and version, device brand and model, and mobile carrier network.
  • Offers Report: Shows stats by an offer for today
  • Conversion Report: Conversion report serves as a line-item list of conversions that have come into DCMN. (adv_sub to see your order ids)


Mobile Stats