How to Create new offers?

Go to Offers > Create Offer.

  1. Enter details about the offer
  2. place the offer conversion pixel
  3. and finally test your offer.

You can always edit an offer later (if its status is pending). This walk through is meant to be simple. Everything about the offer you create can be edited later.

Details that need to be added:

  1. Name of the product or service being offered
  2. A short description of that product or service
  3. URL (from the advertiser) that tracks the impressions, clicks, and other actions you provide to for that offer (known as the “offer URL”)
  4. Available parameters for that offer URL
  5. URL that shows a preview of the offer without that tracking (known as the “preview URL”)
  6. Revenue action and amount.


NOTE: Offers created by advertisers are setup at “Pending” status, until a DCMnetwork employee approves them and makes them live.