How to review Mobile Stats Report?

The mobile stats report is a focused version of the stats report that details mobile device and carrier information. Enterprise accounts can access this report by clicking on the Mobile Stats Report option in the Reports menu.


About this Report

This report works exactly as the stat report does (as described in the Using Stat Report article), except that instead of reporting by affiliate sub IDs, the report offers five data points: device OS name and version, device brand and model, and mobile carrier network.


Running the Report

Select the data, statistics, and other options as you would for the stat report, then schedule or run the report. The results will be aggregated based on the options and timeframe selected.


Special Notes

Due to the varying mobile devices and carriers in the market, there are some special notes to keep in mind when reviewing your mobile stats data.

Blank Device Data

If a field is blank, we were not able to capture the device information for that click.

Mobile Carriers Listing “?” Marks

When the Mobile Carrier field lists a question mark (“?”), that means the carrier data was missing. This is nearly always because the mobile

device used wi-fi to access the offer, so wasn’t using mobile data at that time.

“Generic” Device Brands

Not every device brand is recognized or broadcasts its information. Devices listed as “Generic” have the name and version of the device’s OS for the Device Model field.