What is Advertiser Invoicing & Payment Procedure?

Conversion Validation
At the end of every month Advertisers are requested to conduct monthly validation of transactions on DCMnetwork and based on these confirmed stats DCMnetwork raises the invoice for the month.

Conversions are auto approved after 75 days.

Conversion Batch Validation Guide

Conversions Locked

Validations are to be done before the 11th of every month. For example, validations for December conversions will have to be done before 11th January. Conversions are locked on the 11th of the next month. Unless this date is extended by advertisers.

Invoices Raised

Invoices are raised for the advertisers. Must pay within 30 days unless changed by the advertiser.

Modes of Payment

The mode of payment accepted at DCMnetwork as are as follows:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Payoneer
  3. Credit/Debit Card


  • Credit Card Payment 3% Payoneer Fee applied

* Bank details are provided on invoice