What is S2S tracking and How to Implement it ?

Server postback tracking is also called “postback tracking” and “server-side tracking s2s”

For automating conversions tracking on DCmnetwork, our technical team will share custom postback guide with you so that your developers can implement that postback on the server side on your website.

This is attributed to server postback with transaction_id

  • The server records the click, then generates and records the ID for that session


Server Postback with Transaction ID

This postback tracking protocol uses transaction ID. This identifier is sent to the advertisers along with click parameters relevant to that offer.

The advertiser’s server stores the transaction ID, and other information passed to it. If that user converts on the offer, the advertiser’s server indicates this event to TUNE by calling the offer’s postback URL, passing in it the same transaction ID. Since transaction IDs are unique, TUNE can immediately reject any duplicated conversion that could happen due to accidental user action, server glitches, and some forms of fraud.

Now the conversions coming through DCMNetwork tracking link will be recorded on our dashboard, when the order is successful and the postback is triggered.

The dashboard will also maintain and monitor a real time track of all clicks & conversations.