Can I Earn Without a Blog or a Website?

YES. There are a couple of social platforms you can explore.

The specificity of social media creates an amazing opportunity for affiliates. Not only it narrows the gap between customers and brands as well as the perception of what promotional content actually is, but it also broadens the range of people you can reach with your offer. How to promote your affiliate links there?

Start with an idea. Try to figure how exactly do you want to approach potential customers via social media. Create a profile on Facebook and start posting right away. Then, expand your activity further by setting a complementary YouTube channel.

Ultimately, providing a quality content is the most important, though. A plethora of content you can write about includes:

  • Informative product reviews
  • Instructional videos
  • Topical discussions

Once you start creating and sharing your content, you’ll see the stream of visitors increasing.