Guide on TinyURL


To shorten a tracking link convert it into a tiny URL, navigate to offer’s page, look for Your Tracking Link Section and check the box next to Generate TinyURL. The Tracking link field will update to a shortened version of tracking link.


Note: When shortening a tracking link to a TinyURL, the tracking link must be less than 500 characters in length.

Example TinyURL:

Let’s take a look at this typical tracking link:

Upon checking the Generate Tiny URL box, the above link will be converted into something like:

If an additional parameter (such as a sub ID) is added after the TinyURL is generated, a new tinyURL will be generated to account for the added information. The following tracking link is the same as the one we started with above, but with an added parameter:

When the URL is converted to a TinyURL, DCMnetwork will automatically include and conceal the additional parameter:

You can also append parameters to a tiny URL if you are looking to pass dynamic values into DCMnetwork. For example, if you want to pass a sub ID on click, you can append that to the end of the shortened URL: