How Can I Claim my Missing Conversions?

Get $15 compensation in the event of any missing order. Claim Compensation here.

What is the Procedure:

If you feel that the orders placed using your code are not recorded correctly on the platform, You can place a real order by yourself. If after placing the order, the amount stays untracked then you are eligible for the compensation.

Terms and conditions

  1. All the terms and conditions laid out while joining the campaigns should be met.
  2. No violation of any brand policy
  3. Conversions will be updated based on the reporting period of the advertiser.
  4. $15 will be paid if after the final validation by the brand, the order still stays missing.
  5. Max claim amount: $15.
  6. One time compensation per brand.
  7. The amount will be paid via Payoneer or Gift card.
  8. In order to claim the compensation, you need to provide the following Order details:
    • Order Date.
    • Order ID mentioned on Customer Invoice.
    • Order Invoice/Receipt received in Order confirmation email, share a screenshot.

Note: If you are unable to provide the aforementioned details, you are not eligible for the compensation as per Our Promise policy