How Do I Check My Performance/Sales?


The Reports category contains four different types of reports:“Performance”, “Conversion”, “Referral” and “Saved” reports.

Performance Report – This is much more than just a report! Here you have the ability to render and view your performance statistics in a variety of manners. This report is perhaps the most important functionality of the publisher interface as it enables you to choose HOW you want to render your data, thereby giving you the power to analyze your data in new and meaningful ways.

Conversion Report – The conversion report not only displays each and every conversion, but also allows you to filter by date/time and various parameters (e.g. offers, category, country). You can also modify which report parameters you would like to be displayed for your conversions. Pending Conversions can be reviewed here.

Referral Report – The referral report tracks commissions generated from your referred users. You can search and browse your referrals by keyword, date/time, as well as group them by date or affiliate.

Saved Reports – This report keeps track of all of the reports you have chosen to save.

Pending Payout– Advertisers have not approved the conversions yet.

Payout– The total commission earned so far.