How do I Create an Ad Groups?

Using the Ad Groups tool enables you to manage multiple creatives and offers. With this tool, you have the ability to filter your data displayed. You can filter by keyword, date/time, and activity status. You also have the ability to change the activity status of any creative/offer.

To create an Ad Campaign, go to Tools > Ad Groups > Click on the “Create Ad Group” button.

Once the modal appears, you can then put in the details for your ad group.

Here are the details that are needed to create an Ad Group:

1. Name of the Ad Group

On this part, it is up to you to decide what will be the name of the ad group that you will be creating.

2. Type (Ad Group Type)

On this part, you need to select the creative type either Banner, Text, or Link.

*If you select Banner, you also need to specify a numeric height and width when using a banner. Max value: 2500px.

3. Status ( Status of the Ad Group Type)

On this part, you need to select whether the Ad Group will be set to Active, Deleted or Paused Status.

4. Serve Ads

On this part, randomly is selected by default, however, you can choose to use custom weights or optimization techniques.

Once the Ad Group has been created, you can then generate ad tags, modify the options to select tracking domains, and add your desired creatives.