How to Create Deeplinks / Product Links for Link Campaigns?

Deeplinks are only applicable for Link Attribution campaigns.

For Creating Deeplinks, you need to login Old interface > Login Here

A Smart Link/ Deeplink/ Product Link are terms referred to a link that points directly to a specific page on the merchant’s site.

Please note, Deeplink is available for a campaign only if you are able to see the option in Customize Your Tracking Link.

To create a deep link, follow the guide below:

  • Click ‘Add Deep Link’ under the options for Customize Your Tracking Link.


  • Paste the URL in the Add Deep Link box, you are interested to deeplink
    • As soon as you update the site link, you will notice the tracking link in the grey box (Your Tracking Link) will be updated. (sample attached)DCMnetwork__deeplink2.png

Another way to get links for specific pages is you can request using Service Desk > Deeplink Request

NOTE: If you are running a Coupon Attribution campaign, you don’t need to create a deeplink, you can simply use any product link of brand’s website to direct the users, this is because the conversion attribution is solely dependent upon the coupon usage.