How To Use Conversion Pixels/Postbacks?

In order to track the transactions that you are generating at DCMnetwork, all you have to do is follow the 2 simple steps mentioned below.

This integration depends on information from both ends – ours and the affiliates.

  1. Setting up DCMnetwork Tracking Link
  2. Setup your Network’s postback URL on DCMnetwork (Integration)

1- Setting up DCMnetwork Tracking Link:

  • Basic tracking link:

  • You may append extra parameters to the tracking link as per your requiremnet. For this you need to use the parameter aff_click_id to pass your network’s click ID/transaction ID in the tracking link.
    • For example:{transaction_id}
  • You will need to replace {transaction_id} with the dynamic variable that your system uses to pass the unique click ID.

Note: Please make sure that the same parameters aff_click_id={transaction_id} are being used in each DCMnetwork link that you are going to promote.

2- Setup your Network’s postback URL on DCMnetwork{aff_click_id}&adv_sub={adv_sub}&amount={sale_amount}

  • Using your link, DCMnetwork will be passing the following data to your system:
  • {adv_sub} – Order ID
  • {sale_amount} – amount
  • {aff_click_id}- transaction_id/Click ID generated by your system for each transaction.

In order to track this data in your system in the correct reporting fields, in the above link you will have to replace transaction_id, adv_sub, amount with the dynamic variables (of the fields), where you want to receive this data on your system.

Getting your pixel approved:

Types of Conversion Pixel Supported:

Types of Conversion pixels are supported by types of offer protocols as mentioned below:


Affiliate can see the offer protocol for each offer in affiliate dashboard on the offer page.

Global Postbacks:

In-case you want to setup ‘Global Postback’ rather then ‘offer level postback’, then this has to be a global postback URL which will be fired for all offers you promote through your DCMnetwork account.

In case of any difficulty please feel free to reach us at Support Live Chat