How to Use Landing Pages?

You can promote more than one page of a website. In some cases you have audience/ content in more than one language. Use this the landing page option to designate what URL you want to send traffic to.


For example, there is an advertiser that does not allow deeplinking. You need tracking link for:

You can share these landing pages with us at

We add it as a landing page in your affiliate dashboard. You can see it from:


To use landing pages, click on the landing page and use the new tracking link.

Random URL Landing Page

The Random Offer URL is activated once an advertising brand has provided additional URLs to an offer.

When an affiliates selects Random URL, the ad server selects an offer URL at random from the offer (including the default offer URL) and redirects the user to that page. There is no equal distribution of traffic with this setting, and traffic to specific pages varies. Hence, affiliates may or may not be able to use all the landing pages as the system selects these landing pages in a random manner.

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