What is Early Payments Program? and how can I benefit from it?

What is the Early Payments Program?

Under this program, partners will receive full payments on select campaigns from DCMnetwork as soon as final sales data is received from the advertiser. This means we will be paying you even before the advertisers pay us.

How can I benefit/enroll in this program?

To benefit from the Early Payments Program, just start promoting any of the campaigns listed below and you will receive early payments for your conversions.

Campaigns Currently Covered Under Early Payments Program:

Campaign Name Estimated Sales Validation Time Estimated Payment Time
Fordeal 15 days after month-end 25 days after month-end
Saramart 15 days after month-end 25 days after month-end

NOTE: Minimum payment threshold of $100 for Wire Transfer and $50 for Payoneer still apply to process your payment.