What Is The Payment Cycle?

The Payment Cycle is the time between the last statement closing date and the next payment date it is due.

When is Payment Released ?

The payments are typically released around the 28th of each month, subject to certain conditions*.

* The [Approved and Cleared Balance] meeting the specified threshold in the Auto Payment Setup. Additionally, payment release depends on the advertiser making the payment for the respective calendar month. If there is a delay in payment from the advertiser, it will be included in the next payment cycle once it is received.

Note: Be informed after the payment is released, it may take approximately 4-5 business days for the funds to be credited to your account, subject to the processing times of your service provider. In case the affiliate’s Billing Details are not active or their account balance falls below the threshold, the payment will be deferred to the next payment cycle.

Please be noted that the current month conversions payment will be released after 3 months (check calendar month’s payments). Below table shows the dates when each calendar month’s payments will be released:

Payment Date Conversions up-to including the month of*
Jan 28th October
Feb 28th November
Mar 28th December
Apr 28th January
May 28th February
Jun 28th March
Jul 28th April
Aug 28th May
Sep 28th June
Oct 28th July
Nov 28th August
Dec 28th September