Why My conversion disappeared from my dashboard?

View of the conversion in your DCMnetwork dashboard depends upon the “conversion status”.

There are three types of Conversion status which can help you identify the validity of the conversion.

  1. Conversion Status Pending: This means that advertiser has not validated conversions as yet.
  2. Conversion Status Approved: This means that advertiser recorded conversion on their website and validated it for DCMnetwork.
  3. Conversion Status Rejected: This means that advertiser did not record conversion on their website and so he rejected the conversion.
    Using the “status” filter in the conversion report, you can check the conversion status of each conversion.

Please note that both pending & approved conversions show in your reports. Rejected conversions do not show up in your reports. This means that you might see a pending conversion in your dashboard at the beginning of the month, but you might not find the same conversion on the dashboard at the end of the month. This will only happen if a conversion is rejected by the advertiser. This is also known as Reversed Transaction.

If you think your conversion was incorrectly not attributed, you can get in touch with us and share the below details with us at support@dcmnetwork.com or reach us at Support Live Chat

  1. Offer name, Order IDs, Sale amounts
  2. Date (If you have the receipts, please share those with us)
  3. Transaction ID (if captured)
  4. Tracking links used

Your failed transaction can be manually accounted if sent in within the specified time period. Failing to do so will result in losing the attribution for that particular conversion.