Why My Conversion Has Not Been Attributed?

Conversions are not attributed due to any of the following reasons:

  1. Conversions are uploaded/reconciled for most advertisers by the 20th of every month. If you check your report before this date, you might not have the full picture. For eg. Conversion recorded on November, will be uploaded by 20th December
  2. All advertisers have a scrubbing rate, which means a monthly review of conversions attributed and its authenticity. Non- legitimate leads are reviewed and rejected.
  3. Conversion might be after the action referral period or more than the action referral occurrences
  4. You might have used the incorrect tracking link when you promoted offers. This way the advertiser system does not record that this conversion came from DCMnetwork and will not be attributed to you
  5. Most of the advertiser use Google Analytics last click to verify channel i.e. DCMnetwork or some other channel the last click that resulted in the conversions, therefor UTM must be used where setup. Note if UTM’s are removed then advertisers will not credit the sale to DCMnetwork hence the publisher and network will lose out.