Affiliate FAQ's

1.Who is Affiliate?

Affiliates or Publishers are the ones who sell the product because they have the traffic and they get paid commission by the Advertiser i.e the one who has the product or service to sell.

2.How can I make money from Affiliate Marketing?

If you can send users to an advertiser’s website by placing a banner on your own website or writing an article containing text links, posting an update on your social media profile etc. Then you can become an Affiliate!

If the users you sent then convert to actions like sales or registrations then you will receive commission for these actions.

3.What do I need to do to be an Affiliate?

All you need to do is fill out the online registration form at

As soon as your application has been submitted, DCMNetwork will need to manually approve it, a process that could take up to 3 working days. You will be notified via email when your application has been approved (or declined).

4.Can I choose which advertisers and offers to promote?

Yes, you are 100% free to choose which advertisers and offers you want to promote on your website. As soon as you join DCMNetwork, there is the tab in your Affiliate interface you can have the list of advertiser which we work with.

5.Do I need to be a registered company with the UAE Authorities to work with you?

No, you don’t! Affiliates can be anyone, even someone using social media can be an affiliate. All you have to do is promote the offers of our advertisers and earn commission on it.

6.How often do I get paid?

The payment are done on 20th of every month after the conversions are validated by advertiser. 

Payments are released when affiliates crosses $50 threshold. This is done so that affiliate can get some commission after bank charges.

7.What is Affiliate Marketing & can I become an affiliate without a website?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money by promoting an advertiser's products or services. 
When you send a buyer to the advertiser's site, you get a commission.
To become an affiliate partner it is not necessary to have a website. You could use social websites, blog posts, email campaigns, google ad words, review sites & a lot more where you mention the advertiser and send the buyer to their site.

8.Why do DCMnetwork needs number?

It's for verification and emergency purpose.

9.I live in different than Geo target country so I didn't seem to be able to see the content?

Few offers are Geo targeted which mean the website will not open unless you are in one the Geo targeted countries.

You can work on offers that are open to your region.

10.Does brand allow pop up traffic?

No. Brand do not allow pop up traffic.

11. Can DCMnetwork affiliates do a test purchase on an offer?

12. What types of affiliate conversion pixels affiliates can use at DCMnetwork for tracking conversions?
Types of Conversion pixels are supported by types of offer protocols as mentioned below:
Affiliate can see the offer protocol for each offer in affiliate dashboard on the offer page.
13. How to Link Specific Landing page of Affiliate Network (DCMnetwork). For Example, (E.g ?
Affiliates can link Specific Landing page to DCMnetwork link using the "deeplink" feature on affiliate dashboard, here's the guide.
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