Creative Details and How to Upload Creatives?

Creative File Types Supported by DCMnetwork



eg. Anniversary Sale UAE


eg. Mothers_Day_Flowers_Roses_UAE_EN_350*350

Creative File Types: 

  1. Image Banners
  2. Flash Banners
  3. HTML Ads
  4. Email Creatives
  5. Text Links
  6. XML Feeds

Common Creative File Sizes:

  1. Size: 1140 px by 100px
  2. Size: 600 px by 400px
  3. Size 800 px by 600px
  4. Size 300 px by 300

Note: The uploading tool can only accept files up to 100Mb in size. Files larger than this will return an error.

Uploading the HTML code

Advertiser -> Log in Account -> Offer -> Creative Files -> Add creative

Choose offer -> Choose file type -> HTML Ad

Add name, size and upload your creative file. (a link is generated)

Paste the following code in the Required Code box:

<a href="{tracking_link}" target="_blank"><img src="PASTE_YOUR_CREATIVE_LINK_HERE" width="XXX" height="XXX" border="0" /></a>

Your final HTML code will look like:

<a href="{tracking_link}" target="_blank"><img src="" width="150" height="150" border="0" /></a>

You can use this live HTML editor to verify your html code:




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