Where Can I Update My Account Information?

‘My Account’ Menu

When you click on the person icon, a drop-down menu will be revealed consisting of “My Account”, “Contact Support”, “Billing”, “Setting” and “Logout”.

My Account - Allows you to modify your account details as well as manage the users for the account.

  • Where can i update my Platform Details(website details) ?
    Platform details added at the time of signup cannot be updated. However you can request via Support Live Chat and we will do the needful for you. You will be confirmed via email shortly

Billing - Here you are greeted with an Overview of your account balance, payout to date and payout per year, followed by your Billing Details, a list of all your invoices to date and finally a list of all your payments to date. On this page, you are able to modify your payment method (e.g. check, PayPal, wire), view individual invoices, and view individual payment receipts.

Setting - Here you have options to select language.

Contact Support - When you click on “Contact Support” you will be automatically redirected to your email program to compose an email to our support team.

Logout - As the term implies, by clicking on “Logout” you will be logging yourself out of the publisher interface.

For any help, reach us with Support Live Chat

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