What does Request Approval on Offers mean?

All offers on DCMnetwork are open for you to promote.

By requesting approval to an offer you can get approved to all offers. For getting approval you need to agree to offers' terms and conditions on each offer. 

At the top of the offer page, publishers can click 'Request Approval' to apply for the Offer Access / Request Camapign Code:

Once you "request approval", the management reviews your site to approve or reject you to promote the Offer/Campaign. 


Reason Why Request Access is Important:

Many networks have offers that they want to manually approve for publishers depending upon the publisher abilities. The main reason is usually that the advertiser is strict about the quality of affiliates pushing their content and their performance will enhance the offers stats. DCMnetwork provides each offer with the option to let publishers apply 'to promote an offer', answer a few questions in their application, and let the management approve or reject the affiliate manually.

If an affiliate is unapproved for an offer, they can still view the offer in their interface. But they won’t have access to tracking links or any other promotional material on the offer. However, If they have any clarification and still want to promote the offer they can reach us through Support Live Chat

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