Overall Preview of Advertiser Interface


Detailed preview:



Please note:

  1. Advertisers can edit details for pending offers but not active ones. To make any changes in your offer please mail us at support@dcmnetwork.com
  2. You can see landing pages from the URL section, advertisers will be able to see the preview URL. (landing page from your website) When publishers choose to promote any of the landing pages, they will be able to see the tracking link
  3. Geo Targeting: By default we keep this disabled so that publishers who are not in your geo targeted locations can also open and promote the links. If advertisers tell us about their preferred locations we add them to included locations so that publishers can see this and run their campaigns accordingly. 
  4. Daily reports show you clicks and impressions.
  5. To see details for conversions you have to review the conversion report. In most offers order IDs will be populated in sub_ID. This is also where advertisers can approve or reject conversions from. 






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