Which Traffic Sources Are Not Allowed on DCMnetwork?


  1. No Brand Keyword Bidding, Brand Bidding Misspelling, No Misleading, No Pop-Ups / Pop-Unders / No direct Pop windows
  2. Use or promotion of hate, por­nography, gambling sites, illegal activity, profanity, trademark or brand infringement, and typosquatting and/or cybersquatting that misleads consumers, Misleading information about the product, over-promising ads that violate trademarks or copyrights.
  3. Publishers cannot display an Advertiser's ads when the brand name and other words are entered as search keywords. Publishers display an Advertiser's ads when the brand name or variations of the brand name are entered as search keywords. Publishers cannot use an Advertiser's brand name in their display URL. Publishers are not allowed to use brand names in their paid search title and description. No bidding on the client's name or its competitors.
  4. Using advertisers’ symbol, logo, phrase, word, design or brand name, in any form of online or offline outreach activities, in a way to lead for user to think this is from official advertisers’ channel.
  5. You are not allowed to use direct links of any brand's website from search engines.
  6. You are not allowed to bid on any keywords or search terms that contain a trademark, service mark or brand name of any of our suppliers without our prior written consent. 
  7. Any kind of Political, Controversial or Disastrous information should not be used for the promotion of any brand which includes using Videos and Hashtags for the promotion of the brands.f the brands.
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