Publisher Payment Queries

 Conversion Approval: 

  • Conversion status is changed from pending to approved only if the Advertiser validates the conversion 
  • The number of conversions might change upon advertiser approval if it doesn't meet their criteria. For e.g, The order has been canceled or returned. 

Publisher Invoices:

  • Publisher invoices are created after receiving the payment from the Advertiser. Please note Advertisers have full authority to reject any conversion they did not record.

Publisher Payments:

  • Payments are released to publishers once advertisers have validated conversions and made the payment to DCMnetwork for releasing to its publishers.
  • The payments are done by the 20th of every month. For e.g, For September conversions, affiliates will be paid by 20th December.
  • Payments for October conversions are made in January if your total commission is above $50, but if you choose Paypal as your payment method we can process payment below the $50 threshold (please note there will be Paypal processing charge)
  • What payment methods are used for transfer of fund? Paypal or Wire Transfer
  • If your total commission for October stands at $45, no conversions in November and $25 commission in December. This means you crossed the $50 threshold in December. So you will be paid altogether $70 pending commission on 20th March.
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