How Do I See My Commission & Conversions?

With reference to the above image, sharing steps on how to view your commission, below-

  1. Under 'Reports' click 'Conversion Report

  2. Select the date range for the dates you're calculating conversions for and filter your options under 'Report Options'
  3. If you are looking for a specific offer, click on "Report Filters" and refer to the screenshot below:
    • Filter: Offers
    • Select offer ( ex. FlyDubai CPS) 
    • Click on +Add
    • Apply


     4. Conversions- Total number of conversions recorded on your website

     5. Pending Conversions- Total number of conversions awaiting advertiser's approval/confirmation.

    6. Payout- Total commission earned against your total conversions

    7. Pending Payout- total commission earned against pending commission

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