Brand Bidding

What is Brand Bidding?

A term relating to publishers used when bidding on search engine keywords which include an advertiser’s brand name, or phrases closely related to them. Brand bidding is the practice of bidding on the brand terms of a third party, so your ads appear when their brand is entered as a search term. For example, an affiliate might bid on a brand term.

Why Brand Bidding is not allowed?

The problem is the affiliate will grab traffic on the brand term and redirect it back to the brand and earn a commission for it. Secondly, the cost of the brand's AdWords campaign will go up. 

This doesn't add value to the brand, hence, not allowed on DCMnetwork.

These are the activities that are strictly NOT Allowed with DCMnetwork

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Adword
  • Pop-up or Pop-unders
  •  Using the brand (eg: Noon) as a sender name in the email to drive orders. 
  • No typosquatting allowed. Please be aware that we carefully monitor paid for search on all competitive keywords and ask for your assistance in this process. 
  • We ask you to include the term (brand name) as a negative keyword on all campaigns in order to negate the risk of appearing on “brand name” brand terms.
  • You are not permitted to link directly to the brand site, or to use a redirect to send the customer directly to the brand site from a PPC ad.
  • No bidding on brand terms, or on misspellings. This includes both the brand term and URLs containing the brand term.

Any affiliates found to be bidding on brand terms will be removed from the program. Any commission made on these sales will not be paid.



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