Things Advertiser Can Edit on their Offer

Create Offer?

Advertiser can create offers in their own panel. When creating the offer, they can ONLY specify these things: 

  1. Offer’s Name
  2. Description
  3. Preview URL
  4. Offer URLs

Offers created by advertisers are set to “Pending” until a DCMnetwork employee approves them. Want to know more? See more details about How to Create an Offer.


Can an advertiser change their offer's category, geo-targeting or commission?

Advertisers can not change the commission for their offer on DCMnetwork. 

Advertisers can not edit targeted country/city or categories. For this they have to get in touch with 


How can advertiser edit an offer?

Advertiser's are not able to edit offers when they are live. Only pending offers can be edited.

Go to offers > All offers > Offer Name


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