Short Link - Using Tiny URL

Tiny URLs

To shorten a tracking link into a tiny URL, navigate to an offer's page, look for the Generate Tracking section, and check the box next to Generate Tiny URL. The Tracking Link field will update to a shortened version. If it doesn't, click Update to refresh the field.

Note: When shortening a tracking link to a tiny URL, the tracking link must be less than 500 characters in length.

Tiny URL Example

Let's take a look at this typical tracking link:

Upon checking the Generate Tiny URL box, the above link will be converted into something like:

If an additional parameter (such as a sub ID) is added after the tiny URL is generated, a new tiny URL will be generated to account for the added information. The following tracking link is the same as the one we started with above, but with an added parameter:

When the URL is converted to a tiny URL, HasOffers will automatically include and conceal the additional parameter:


You can also append parameters to a tiny URL if you are looking to pass dynamic values into HasOffers. For example, if you want to pass a sub ID on click, you can append that to the end of the shortened URL:


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