Promotions API

What is Promotions API Feed?

The promotions feed is a spreadsheet that contains all of the promotions you use online. Use a Promotions feed if you have a high volume of promotions to submit. If you request a promotion via API, you will receive an object with the following fields such as id, code, name etc.

What is Banners API feed?

A feed banner refers to a banner ad which displays live data, supplied from a data source.  This feed enables live updates to an already published ad. The same ad, in the same place, can run with differing ad creative from copy, to images. This ensures that an ad can remain personal, relevant and fresh. They are a brilliant way to control and display relevant ad content.

Feeds use API’s which brings scalability and speed to managing dynamic changes. APIs are used to specify the frequency with which a feed is collected and updated. You can choose between uploading CSV, JSON and XML file formats, making it an extremely flexible and convenient way of working.

How does it work?

We will receive data from your system, validates your promotion rules, then executes effects like discounts, coupon codes, loyalty points, payment updates etc.

What do we need?

We need these following fields/attributes to display your promotions:





Id of the promotion


Unique promotion identifier


The name of the promotion


Start date


End date


Promotion’s usage limit

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