I Recently Started Promoting, When Will I Start Receiving Payments?

After you start promoting the brands, here are the steps involved to receive the payment:

  1. You promote the brand using user unique links/codes.
  2. The customer makes a purchase using your link/code.
  3. The conversion gets tracked and is reflected on the portal (as “pending”).
  4. The monthly conversions are validated by the advertiser. This can take from 5 to 45 days after a calendar month depending on the advertiser and the industry. Ex: travel brands take a lot longer to validate as compared to food delivery. The valid sales now reflect as “approved” in the portal. The invalid/canceled/returned sales disappear from the portal.
  5. The advertiser is invoiced for valid sales.
  6. The advertiser makes the payment.
  7. A partner invoice is created.
  8. You will be paid on the Payment Cycle if your Account Balance meets the Auto Payment Setup and your Account Info is already updated.
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