What Does My Account Balance And Payouts Mean and Where Can I See It?

As we receive the payments from advertisers, the partner monthly invoices are automatically created for those months. The total amount of your unpaid partner invoices reflects in your "ACCOUNT BALANCE". This is the amount that you will receive over the next payment cycle if it meets your minimum payment threshold.
To check your account balance, log into your partner account, go to “My Account” >> “Billing”.


"PAYOUT - YEAR" is the sum of all the payments sent to you in the current year.

"PAYOUT TO DATE" is the sum of all the payments sent to you since you signed up. 

Conversions Report: 


The "PAYOUT" in the conversions report section shows the sum of your approved conversions given the date and offer filters you have selected above. The "PENDING PAYOUT" is the sum of your pending conversions, given date and offer filters you have selected. This amount may change after the validations to account for cancelled/rejected sales. 

Please note, the payouts in the conversions reports section do not refer to your upcoming or previous payments. The payments are based on the invoices which you can check on the billing section. 

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