Traffic Light Advertiser Payment System

To make invoices and payment more transparent, DCMnetwork is working with a Traffic Light System where we allocate a colour to advertisers. 


Affiliates should work on promoting this advertiser since they make timely payments and are within their credit limit


Affiliates should approach these advertiser with caution since there are unpaid invoices or credit limit crosses advertisers here. Amber is divided into exposure levels:

  1. Exposure Level 1 -  low risk advertiser who has exceeded their credit limit
  2. Exposure Level 2 - medium risk advertiser who has exceeded credit limit but with 2 - 3 months overdue invoices
  3. Exposure Level 3 - medium to high risk advertiser who is within their credit limit but with 3+ months overdue invoices
  4. Exposure Level 4 - High risk advertiser who has exceeded their credit limit and have 4 - 5 months overdue invoices


These advertisers have severely restricted invoice terms and overdue payments and since DCMnetwork is unable to make payments where advertisers have not paid us, promoting these advertisers is a business decision that affiliates should think over.




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