Coupon Attribution Campaign

Partners need to request a code for promoting all coupon attribution offers on DCMnetwork. Please make sure to read the "Terms & Conditions" on the offer before you start promoting.

Is a code created for a specific Partner?

Yes, the code is unique and created for specific partner and is mandatory for generating sales. 

Do we need to use the DCM tagging/tracking link to promote coupon attribution offers?

Yes, It is best to use both:

  1. DCMnetwork tracking link/s on the offer
  2. The code assigned to you for promoting this offer.

In cases where you can only use direct links of the website, such as Social Media sites,

How will it be tracked as my accounts conversion?

This code is created specifically for top partners. Using code along with the tracking link will help it tracked and assigned to your account. Navigate to reports > conversion report in order to check your orders. 

How are my conversions validated?

The conversions are validated based on the total monthly orders generated using the code, unlike the tracking campaigns where each of the conversion is validated separately.




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