Coupon Attribution Campaign





Is a Code created for a specific Publisher?

Yes the code is unique and assigned for you to promote.

Do we need to use the tagging we used through our system? 

Answer: No. No need to use tracking links.

How will it be tracked as my accounts conversion?

Answer: This code is created specifically for a Top Publisher, no use to add tracking links since it will be tracked based on the used of the Code.

How are my conversions validated?

Answer: The conversions are validated based on the total monthly figures, unlike the tracking campaigns where each of the conversion is validated separately.

The report shows 0 conversions but im 100% sure I have made some transactions? 

Can you make a purchase on the advertiser site and verify that usage is not being reported.  If that's the case please share the order confirmation with support so we can escalate the issue with the advertiser.



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