How do I Start Promoting?

Refer to our 1-min video tutorial on: How to Earn Money with DCMnetwork

Once Signed up, we recommend that you first know the details of our campaigns. 

We do have two types of campaigns, which are Tracking Link Campaigns and Coupon Attribution Campaigns. To know more about them, please check these guides: 

What Is A Tracking Link and How Does It Works?
What is Coupon Attribution and How Does it Work?
What is the Difference Between Coupon Attribution Campaign and Link Campaign?

To start promoting, here are the steps that you need to take:

1. Browse and select the offer/brand that you want to promote. To do this please log in to your affiliate account and go to Offers > All Offers.

2. Once you are already decided as to which offers you are going to promote, you can now request for offer approval. As of the moment, our offers require that all affiliates submit an offer approval request before they start promoting them. This is being implemented because we need to make sure that the platform (website, blog, social media account, etc.) that will be used in promoting our offers meets the requirement of our advertisers.

3. Once your request is already approved, you may then see your affiliate tracking link on the offer page (for tracking link campaigns). As for our coupon attribution campaign, once your request is approved, you will be receiving an email containing your code as well as the details of it.

4. To start promoting your affiliate tracking link/code, you need to start sharing it on your platform. 

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