How Can I Report Issue (Code/Offer/Deal/Creatives) ?

Login to  New Partner System & navigate as per Issue Requirement.

  1. How to Report Code Issue ?
  2. How To Report Offer Issue ?
  3. How To Report Deal Issue ?
  4. How To Report Creative Issue ?

1-How to Report Code Issue ? 

Navigate to Campaign > My Codes

Click on icon123.pngto report issue for the "code" you are facing any issue.


How can i View my earlier reported code issues ?

You can check your Reported Issues history Campaigns > Codes Issues


2-How to Report Offer Issue ? 

Navigate to Offers

Click on icon123.pngto report offer issue. 




3-How to Report Deals Issue ? 

Navigate to Deals and Vouchers 

Click on icon123.pngto report issue.




4-How to Report Creatives Issue ? 

Navigate to Creatives > Live Creatives

Click on icon123.pngto report issue.


Here's How to Request for Exclusive creatives?


How can i View my earlier reported Issues ?

You can check your issue history/ current status visiting related > Reported Issued

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