How to check Conversions ?

Login to New Partner System, navigate to Conversions in the menu:

Here is a Quick Video Tutorial:


Columns on Conversion Report:

  1. Payout Commission earned against conversion
  2. ID Order Id of the respective conversion
  3. Status Conversion status [pending/approved/rejected]
    • Approved (conversions that are approved to be paid)
    • Pending (conversions awaiting advertiser's approval/confirmation)
    • Rejected (conversions that are not validated by advertiser)

Report Filters

User can apply following filters to get conversions as per requirement:

  1. Filter by Code
  2. Filter by Country
  3. Filter by Offer
  4. Filter by Status

Get Conversions by Code

  • Check conversions by adding your assigned coupon in the "Code" text box → click "Search"
  • The results will be filtered for the custom code added

Get Conversions by Status

  • By choosing the status (any/active/approved/rejected) from "Status" filter → click "Search"

  • The results will be filtered for the choosen status

Download File (optional)

File will be downloaded in csv


You can apply multiple filters at the same time as per your requiremnet.

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