How to check Conversions ?

Login to New Partner System, navigate to Reports - Conversion Reports in the menu:

Columns on Conversion Report:

  1. Order Date
  2. Code
  3. Campaign Name
  4. Payout Commission earned against conversion
  5. Status Conversion status [pending/approved/rejected]
    • Approved (conversions that are approved to be paid)
    • Pending (conversions awaiting advertiser's approval/confirmation)
    • Rejected (conversions that are not validated by advertiser)

Dimensions: (Optional)

User can apply following dimensions to be appread on the conversions report to view conversions as per requirement:

  1. Order ID Order Id of the respective conversion
  2. Payout in USD
  3. Payout in Offer Currency
  4. Country
  5. Transaction id
  6. Category (if available)

Get Conversions by Code

  • In the Search Box, you can type [Code] and get all the conversion
  • The results will be filtered for the custom code added

Get Conversions by Status

  • In the Search Box, you can type the reqired filter

    • Approved

    • Rejected
    • Pending
  • The results will be filtered for the choosen status

Export File (optional)

File will be downloaded in csv

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