Remaining Code Requests

What does "Remaining Code Requests" mean?

To ensure the most effective use of available codes for each campaign, we've implemented a limit on how many codes each partner can request. This strategy allows us to maximize the number of converting codes.

The number of code requests allowed per partner varies based on their tier:

  • Tier 11 partners: Allowed to request a maximum of 15 codes.
  • Tier 10 partners: Allowed to request a maximum of 20 codes.
  • Tier 9 partners: Allowed to request a maximum of 20 codes.
  • Tier 1-8 partners: Unlimited

Remaining Requests = Maximum Codes Allowed - Codes Assigned Already - Open Code Requests


How can I request more codes if my remaining requests show 0?

If you have reached your count threshold but still wish to request more codes, you can take one of the following actions:

  • Return Your Non-Converting Codes:
    You may return any codes that have not generated the desired results. By returning these codes, you free up your allocation and can request new codes. Here is How to "Return Code"?image__1_.png


  • Cancel Pending/Waitlisted Requests:
    If you have any pending or waitlisted requests that you no longer need, cancel them. This action will also increase your available request count. You may cancel your open requests here

What is meant by Tier ?

Partner Tier is based on the revenue generated by each partner and is updated every month. 

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