How DCMnetwork Monitors Publisher’s Compliance to Advertiser Terms?

DCMnetwork compliance Team monitors and manages publisher’s compliance.

We use the tool Search Monitor (SM) to monitor Search Engine Ad Campaigns and other affiliate promotions. We review publisher content on regular basis. Our goal is to ensure all our advertiser’s terms and conditions are followed and this is our way to police it.

During the process compliance team picks up issues like Brand bidding , URL Hijacking, Spamming, inappropriate traffic etc.

  • The ‘All Campaign Brand Bidders Report’ on Search Monitor helps us identify any SEM violations.
  • With SM ‘Content Monitoring Feature’, we have the ability to monitor content on websites landing pages.
  • Content Monitoring feature also allows us to setup a content policy. In accordance with the policy SM looks for our advertisers on a page with profane, illegal content etc.

Lastly SM doesn’t monitors social media channels, however we have a dedicated team to have a check on affiliates promoting through social media. Strict and Immediate actions are taken against any affiliate violating the advertiser terms.

This is an add-on service provided by DCMnetwork, out of good faith we share these with our advertisers to review and deal with how they see fit.

P.S. Please note the websites conducting brand bidding are not our affiliates. We monitor our affiliates strictly to ensure they are adhering to the terms set by our advertisers.