How to Setup Automated Report in Google Analytics?

Purpose: Sometimes there is some confusion about last click attribution i.e. who to allocate the sale to from the advertiser’s end. The data in this report will be tracked on the basis of the utms used in the tracking link on DCMnetwork.

This report helps identifying “the source who is allocated the sale”, and so we update our conversion report according to your data.

Quick Guide:

Setting Up The Report:

  1. Report Content > Dimensions: ad_content + Date + Order ID
  2. Metrics: Transactions, sale amount, sessions
  3. Filters: source = dcmn


UTM Structure Example

Note: utm_content is used by DCMnetwork for its own system reports.

Sharing The Report:

Report Title:
Conversions For: [ BRAND NAME ]

Share report with:

File Format:

Email Body:

Conversions For: [ BRAND NAME ]

Schedule 2 emails
1. Daily email.

2. A monthly email scheduled for the 3rd of every month. [The report should show all transactions that happened in the previous month]

3. Only if there are conversions

Variables passed in reports:

Please note that the report should show the following data:

Field Name Description Mandatory Example
Ad_content DCMnetwork reference Yes 1000_102727ae093739303ea8e5bb9949f3
Date dd/mm/yyyy Yes 11/07/2018
Order ID Customer Order ID/Transaction ID No B2C3877983 / 1009
Revenue Without shipping charges Yes 1850.03



Also please check with your developer to find the variables that your Google analytics uses to pass revenue and Order ID.


Please ensure that there is only one daily report & one monthly report being sent to
To check scheduled reports:

Admin > View > All website data > Scheduled Emails


Share Access to Google Analytics:

Alternatively, you can give us access to your Google Analytics account at and we can set up these daily automated reports for you.
To share access with us, you can refer to this Guide.