What is Coupon Attribution and How Does it Work?

  • What is Coupon Attribution?

Coupon Attribution is a tracking method that enables tracking sales based on voucher codes alone, building a bridge between the brand and the consumers with precise data. This means that each publisher is assigned a unique code for the campaign. For every sale generated using the code the publisher gets a commission.

  • How Does Coupon Attribution Work?

Sign up to DCMnetwork and register as a partner and Get A Code.

Ensure to read all the “Terms and Conditions” on the offer before you start promoting.

The codes can be given to a publisher of your choosing which can then be used to drive sales in e-commerce as well as Social Media sites.

Coupon Attribution FAQs

  1. Is a code created for a specific partner
    Yes, the code is created for a specific partner and is as unique as it can get. It is mandatory for generating sales. Low or no conversion will lead to un-assigning your code
  2. Does the Coupon Attribution offer have a GEO limitation?
    Yes. Offer might be available to a specific country. Make sure it’s aligned with the correct GEO’s and you are pushing your traffic to the right URL.
  3. Do we need to use the DCM tracking link to promote coupon attribution offers?
    No, You can add use direct links (or the indicated Landing Page on the email sent to you).
    If any offers require the use of tracking links along side coupon you will be notified to use the tracking link explicitly.
  4. How sale will be attributed, If both Coupon and Link Attribution is active for same campaign ?
    If the offer uses both tracking link & Coupon, either

    • Conversion is generated using Coupon Code
      • Sale will still be attributed based on Coupon Used
    • Conversion is generated using Tracking Link
      • Sale will still be attributed based on Tracking Link
    • Conversion is generated using Tracking Link+Coupon
      • Sale will still be attributed based on Coupon Used
        Note: The coupon attribution gets priority over links.
  5. Do we need to create Deeplinks?
    No, you can simply use any product link of brand’s website/app to direct the users to brand’s website/app. This is because the conversion attribution is solely dependent upon the coupon used and not on the link that is used.
  6. How to create UTM link? (optional)
    UTM codes are texts added to the end of a URL to help you track where website traffic comes from when users clicks that link. Simply add the below UTMS to your direct link/s:
    Format: DirectLink?utm_source=dcmn&utm_medium=affiliate
    Example: https://www.noon.com/uae-en/?utm_source=dcmn&utm_medium=affiliate
    Don’t forget to use the Code in your promotions.
    ***When we send you the code, you’ll see it in Terms and Conditions if the code/brand allows usage of Tracking link or solely for coupon tracking.
  7. How will it be tracked as my accounts conversion?
    Coupon conversion tracking is based on the usage of the code. When the user succesfully books an order using your assigned coupon. Conversion will be allocated and will be visible to you.
  8. I can’t see any conversion from my code?
    If this happens, kindly test the code if it is still valid. You can test your code by placing an order and checking your conversion report after, to see if it is reflecting.
    Contact us at Support Live Chat to raise it to the advertiser. Also, if the code is no longer working, let us know and we will provide you with a working code.
  9. How do I check my conversion report?
    Navigate to Reports > How To Check Conversions ?
  10. How are my conversions validated?
    The conversions are validated based on the total monthly orders generated using the code. Unlike the tracking campaigns where each of the conversion is validated separately.
  11. When can I receive my payment?
    We normally process payments around the 26th of the month. Also, we only pay transactions paid by the advertisers.