What is the timeline for the advertiser to transfer payout post redemption/transaction approval?

Heres the flow:

  1. Publisher generates an order using the code →
  2. Order conversion gets updated on DCMnetwork & is reflected on publisher portal (as “pending”).→
  3. Publisher Conversion Report shows the conversion as well as Publisher payout (as “pending”).→
  4. Conversion status remains pending until the advertiser approves the order upon the time of monthly validation
  5. Validation can take from 5 to 30 days or even 60 days after month end depending on the advertiser and the industry. Ex: travel brands take a lot longer to validate as compared to food delivery, Like wise validation period is also determined by the Order delivery/return/cancellation window offered by advertiser to its customers. After the validation Period the advertiser approved or rejects the orders.
  6. Approved order means that the order is valid and successfully delivered.
    Rejected order means that the order is invalid/not delivered/returned/canceled/duplicate.
  7. The advertiser is invoiced for approved sales.
  8. The advertiser makes the payment.
  9. Depending upon approved orders, publisher pending payout is added to publisher’s Approved payment balance.
  10. Approved balance is paid to Publisher in next payment cycle given his Account Balance meets the Minimum Payment Threshold and his Account Info is already updated.

For more information visit Affiliate Payment FAQs