What Type of General Guidelines to be Followed?

  1. Content Guidelines to be Avoided
  2. Size of code name should be easily readable. Make the code name text size the biggest or at the minimum the same size as the offer title, e.g. 15% Off Use Code FUN
  3. You can build on brands existing creative, e.g. to adjust it for different size requirements, etc..
  4. You can’t create creatives from scratch. If not available we can request the brand.
  5. Follow brand creative guidelines
  6. Images you place on these banners/visuals are brand specific and are taken from the brand website or brand social channels.
  7. Follow branding guidelines & use the brand font, if shared by the brand they will be in Advertiser Shared Folders.
  8. Call To Action (CTA) – Normally Use Code or Get X
  9. No duplication of the brand name, one creative doesn’t need to have the brand name mentioned twice.
  10. Generic creatives can be edited to use for your campaign.
  11. How To Write A Discount Offer
  12. Use popular product images to increase Click Through Rate (CTR).