What are your creative requirements?

Here are some of our affiliates common requirements for the creative/banner:

Purpose Sizes
Facebook Ads  1200x628 px
Facebooks Ads (Mobile) 398x208 px
Instagram Stories 1080x1920 px
Instagram 1080x1080 px
Blog 560x315 px

Must Share


Purpose Sizes
Blog 800 x 420 px
Medium Rectangle Banner 300 x 250 px
Large Rectangle Banner 336 x 280 px
Large Skyscraper Banner 300 x 600 px
Leaderboard Banner 728 x 90 px

Good to Have 


We don't have any specific requirements for it and we encourage to share creatives and content as often as you like with campaigns-noreply@dcm-inc.com that is according to your brand's creative/banner creation guidelines. Sharing the said guidelines will also be beneficial in helping us ensure that affiliates will follow it if ever they will be creating or improvising a creative/banner for a brand.

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