Is there any Campaign Calendar For DCMN Publishers?

Campaign Calendar 
 Sr# Campaign  Start Date  End Date Sale Date
1. New Year Sale 25th December 10th January ------


Valentines Day 5th February 19th February 14th February
3. Mother’s Day 15th March 30th March 21st March
4. Summer Break 1st April 30th April  
5. Labour Day 25th April 5th May 1st May
6. Ramadan 1st May 5th May  
7. Father’s Day 15th June 30th June 21st June
8. Eid-ul-Fitar 1st June 10th June  
9. Eid-ul-Adha 1st August 15th August  
10. Back to School 1st August 15th September  
11. 11.11  1st November 15th November  
12. Black Friday 28th November 1st December  
13. Cyber Monday 1st December 3rd December  
14. National Day 25th November 5th December  
15. Winter Sale 10th December 20th December  
16. Christmas Sale 5th December 31st December  
17. Dubai Shopping Festival 26th December 2nd February  
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