How to Setup Automated Spreadsheet Report with Google Analytics?

Purpose: For Advertisers, GA is the easiest solution to track their website transactions, this is why we have come up with the simplest solution for advertisers to share DCMnetwork's referral transactions with us. 

This solution helps tracking transactions for DCMnetwork publishers in on a daily basis without having advertisers to implement pixel tracking or sending the files on emails. 

Simply Follow our step-by-step guide to setup the report:

Video Tutorial

Before you begin please ensure to login to your GA account which tracks your website transactions. 


Steps covered in the tutorial above are detailed below  in 3 parts:

Part 1 > Connect GA Account to New google sheet. 

  1. Login to your Google Analytics account.
  2. With the same account open a New Google sheet in a new tab
  3. Name Google sheet as 'BrandName DCM Transaction Report". Next:
  4. On Google sheet, Navigate to Add-ons → Get Add-ons → Search "Google Analytics" → Install.    IF the GA is already showing in Add-ons then you dont need to install it at this point.mceclip1.png

Part 2 > Configure the Report in Google Sheet

  1. To configure the report in Google sheet, Go to Add-ons Google AnalyticsCreate New Report
  2. Report Name: 'BrandName DCM Transaction Report".
  3. Select a View
    • Account (choose signed-in GA account for your website)
    • Property (1 GA account can have more than 1 properties, make sure to choose the right property that has transaction data for your website/app)
    • View 
  4. Add Metrics
    • transactions (This should pass the 'Transaction amount' exclusive of tax)
    • Revenue (This should pass the 'Transaction amount' exclusive of tax) 
    • New Users (This is Optional, Only add this metrics if you are running a campaign for New users with DCMnetwork).
  5. Add Dimensions (can be setup either with ad content/transaction id)
    • date (This should pass the 'date of transaction')
    • country (This should pass the 'country of transaction')
    • transaction ID (This should pass the 'Order ID'/ an identifier that is unique for each transaction)
    • Coupon Code (The code name used to place the order) 
    • ad content (This is Optional, Only add this dimension if you are running a Link Campaign)
    • source medium (This is Optional, Only add this dimension IF you are allowing DCMnetwork to use utms in the Link for running a coupon campaign or IF you are running a Link Campaign)
  6. Click "Create Report". 

Part 3 > Update Filters in Report Configuration & Run Report

  1. Update End Date: =Today()
  2. Update Filters: ga:sourcemedium==dcmn / affiliate;ga:transactions>0 


  • Only add Filter point no. 2 IF you are allowing DCMnetwork to use utms in the Link for running a coupon campaign or IF you are running a Link Campaign). IF this is not the case, then only 
  • add Filter point no. 3
  • Make sure to Copy paste the Blue Filter text above in your report, to avoid any issue.


Next, Click Add-ons Google Analytics → Run Report. If it loads successfully, Report is setup.

If it shows an error, then this is likely because of a conflict between any of the metrices and dimensions. If you face this difficulty, quickly schedule a call with our tech team & we will guide you to identify the conflicting parameters.

Part 4 > Schedule The Report:

  1. Go to Add-ons Google Analytics → Schedule Report
  2. Tick Mark "Enable Reports to Run Automatically"
  3. Set Schedule Reports to Run "every day" between "midnight - 1am"
  4. Save 

Share The Report 

Share the googlesheet with DCMnetwork at


In case of any questions/difficulty reach us at

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