API Call Builder

Old Interface:

Affiliate API allows partners to programmatically access their accounts directly, outside of the platform.

Choose as per your requirement from Affiliate API Index

Network ID: dcm

Api_key: How to get Affiliate API key? <Hasoffers>

Example: Affiliate_Offer > FindAll


  1. Add Network id & API Key
  2. Add “Fields” & “Filters” (if required)
  3. Get Curl Request / Run Call > If Success with no errormceclip2.png
  4. Copy the CURL Request URL >
  5. Run URL in Browser Window
  6. Save the .JSON file
  7. Get Details Data from Excel

Please note (*) Fields are mandatory to fill with details.

New Partner Admin:

API Key: How to get Affiliate API key from Partner System?

API Docs > Choose option for call bulder as per your requirement from here