Why Google Sheets are useful For sharing Conversion Data?

Below are the reasons why we recommend Google sheets.

  1. Data is updated automatically in real-time.
  2. This is mostly helpful in Coupon Attribution campaigns (which donot involve tracking), if the orders generated via Codes are shared with publishers on daily basis, the publishers are motivated to promote the code effectively.
  3. Share sheets at campaigns-noreply@dcm-inc.com

In case of Link Attribution, the sheet should have the following data:

  1. Date 
  2. Transaction ID/Order_id
  3. utm_content 
  4. Country
  5. If CPS - Revenue

 In case of Coupon Attribution, the sheet should have the following data: 

  1. Date
  2. Transaction ID
  3. Code_Name
  4. Country
  5. If CPS - Revenue

You can setup a google sheet report simply by importing the transactions data to the google sheet from any data source. If your data source for transactions is GA, you may refer to this guide, given that the GA tracks transaction data along with the code name.

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