How to delete Affiliate account.

Note: Email address used to contact support and registered affiliate email must be identical.

Affiliate account cannot be deleted if the above requirement is unfulfilled. Email the requester asking them to send support email via the affiliate’s registered email address.

If in any case, the approved affiliates have been wrongly added, request to stop receiving offer emails or request for deletion of account, follow the below steps to remove them from the user list.

  1. Login to admin.
  2. Click on ‘Manage Users‘ under Affiliates
  3. Make sure to change the status to ‘Show all affiliates
  4. And ‘Search‘ for the affiliate you want to deactivateManage_users_search.png
  5. Click on the affiliate and edit their status from the top section, deleted and save
  6. Make sure the status is updated.
  7. Make sure to carry out the same steps under ‘Manage affiliates
  8. Send an email to affiliates regarding the action-